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Today is Shea’s birthday!  We celebrate our students’ birthdays. Shortly after our Study Center opened in the morning, a florist delivered a basket of beautiful flowers. I knew it was for Shea as I remembered today is her special day, but it was ordered by her family across the ocean. Economic globalization does provide us with convenience when we want to express our affections for our loved ones. On the program because of our instructional schedule, we moved the actual celebration to Saturday at a local restaurant. Unlike restaurants in the states, most Chinese restaurants do not make birthday cakes. So we ordered it from elsewhere. My favorite cakes are carrot cakes, cheese cakes, and fruit cakes. This time we had a fruit cake! I bake bread and will find time to learn to make cakes. I often feel our program needs an experimental kitchen for our students to learn different kinds of cuisine here: Mongolian, Dai, Yi, Tibetan, Uyghur, to name a few. A mini-culinary coursework would be so great.





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