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Peking University Foreign Student Survival Map


Hi Everyone!

This is a quick guide to PKU's campus through my eyes (last semester).

Here are the important points, look for them on the map!

(Right-click with mouse View Image to see a larger image of the map!)

Entrances (Stars)

  • West Gate- The famous Gate, the first gate of PKU


  • South-West Gate-This gate leads to another side of campus, outside of this gate you can find KFC, Dairy Queen, hotpot, and tons of other restaurants!
  • East Gate-A good gate to a main street on campus, if you exit the East gate and go straight, this road, Cheng Lu, will lead you to Wu Dao Kou (which many of you will come to frequent often with its food, bars and clubs being closer to home than Sanlitun).
  • South-East Gate-Probably the most important gate for students staying in the dorms (you can just cross the streets and enter school this way)

^Be sure to always carry your student card with you whether for food, or so you can enter into school-sometimes the guards at the gates will check!

Classrooms: There are a few classrooms on this map

  • Classrooms General
  • Yada Yada Yada
  • Russian Building- where the International Students' Chinese Office is
  • International Relations Graduate Building-Not applicable to us, but right across from Shao Yuan #2
  • Shao-Yuan Buildings General
  • Shao-Yuan #2 (Also the CIEE MAIN OFFICE!)


  • Tennis Court
  • Basketball Court #2-the older of the two courts and in the middle of campus, a great place to make friends with Chinese guys (girls aren't exactly common at either court)
  • Basketball Court #1-closer to the PKU gym
  • Gym/Track/Badmiton/Pool-The PKU gym hosted the Ping Pong Table Tennis Championships for the Beijing Olympics.  Inside is a small gym, a pool, and badmiton courts (where the Olympics were!)


  • Offices of Other PKU Departments
  • Field-Just a nice field to relax, with a lovely stone garden patterned with sculptures
  • PKU Woods/Lakes- Awesome place to explore and get lost, you can find a private pagoda or relics from Yuan Ming Yuan saved from ransacking.
  • Wei Ming Hu- No Name Lake- a gorgeous place to explore and walk, especially famous
  • Boya Pagoda
  • Movie Theather


Life Essentials:

  • Food- Cafeterias speckle this area on campus as well as stores (yes- you can use your student card to buy food/school items there too!)  The card recharge station is also in this area in a sketchy alleyway next to the campus' pride Subway.
  • Dorms: Across Zhongguancun Lu by the South-East Gate
  • Library-Famous, and great for studying or research
  • Paradiso Cafe- For your caffeine fixes, right in between the Library and Performing Arts/Movie Theater before the BB Court #2, also a popular hangout/study area for foreign students-most Chinese students frequent the library
  • CIEE Headquarters- Stationed in Shao Yuan #2 on the first floor, walk in turn left down the first corridor and CIEE staff will be there exuding awesomeness as always, ready to greet, talk to you, and discuss any questions or problems you may have.  Also a common hang-out spot for students in the CIEE library!

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