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"Auntie, let's jump, let's fly!"

Yesterday some CIEE students from Beida and Minzu had the opportunity to go volunteer at an Autism Institute. It was absolutely amazing. This school and its principal are fantastic; the continual struggle to keep the school running with forces such as the local government and the stigmatization of children with disabilities by Chinese society, left me in awe. Without a doubt, my favorite moment was when I was jumping on a trampoline of sorts, and one of the boys grabbed my hand, and he said, "阿姨,我们挑吧,我们飞吧!” or, "Auntie, Let's jump, let's fly!" On a daily basis I sometimes feel that my Chinese abilities are just enough to get by, but the pure understanding of fun and friendship crossed the language barrier. It was an overwhelmingly welcoming sign of friendship to share this experience with another human being.


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