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Tomb Sweeping Festival Weekend


这个周末我不在北京。我从周四到周天呆在青岛。我,李梅,和 杨晶 一起去了。周四下午一点三刻上车。我们觉得火车一个小时来青岛,但我们五个小时来了。我们很累了。但是我们不知道我们的招待所在哪儿。我们给酒店电话。我们一个小时聊天儿。他们一直问我是否我们得给医院电话。我们挺困惑的。一个小时以后他们告诉我们,他们是派出所。天哪!不好意思!

然后我们在青岛迷路了。我们上了出租车。它把我们送在河北路 。 他告诉我们五十块,太贵了!然后我们还迷路了。我们看一个夜市所以我们去了。我们见两个女大学生。他们也不知道谁哪儿。我们一起找我们的招待所。大家找到了!我们一起都去一个夜市,然后去睡觉了。

星期五早上十一点我们去饭馆吃。我们一起走很多。我们去教堂外边,看一个公园,爬山,看很多商店,和去寺庙。走很多,看很多地方也有很多乐趣。认识他很高兴! 周五晚上他们回家在河南。我们太伤心了。

星期六我们自己探索。 我们去了海边,去了一个岛,以后我们尝试去动物园。但是动物园关门了。所以我们去夜市。


 This Weekend was Great!

This Weekend I wasn't at Beijing. From Thursday to Sunday I stayed at QingDao. Mai Lee, Crystal Yang and I went together. We got on the train on Thursday at 1:45pm. We thought we would arrive at QingDao in an hour, but we arrived in 5 hours. We were tired, but we still didn't know where our Hostel was. We gave them a call. We ended up talking to them for an hour (this happened while on the train.) The entire time they kept asking us if we wanted the phone number to the hospital. (we kept telling them, Hostel not Hospital... HOS-TEL... We asked them if they were Wheat Hostel, at Qingdao at Hebei street, and they kept saying OK. So We kept telling them we had an appointment, and we found them online, and booked a room for tonight, but we were going to be several hours late, we gave them our reservation number and told them we would go sleep there tonight...) they kept asking us if we wanted the phone number to the hospital. We were really confused. After an hour, they told us, "We are the Police Station". OMG! HOW EMBARRASSING! (they were probably writing down the address and saying OK iIgot the address down, not yes we are that address.)

Then we were jsut Lost in Qingdao. We just hopped a Taxi (and told them to take us to the address we had). He took us to HeBei street. He told it it was 50 Kuai, Freak'n Expensive. We were still lost. We saw a night market and decided to go (maybe the Hostel was in there somewhere). (We couldn't find it...) We saw 2 chinese college students. They (were also traveling, and )also didn't a place to stay. So all of us when searching for the Hostel. We Found it!! (We checked in, threw our stuff in our room and started enjoying ourselves.) We went to a night markets, Then we went to sleep. (wrong duo, among other errors XD).

Friday, we walked a lot. We went to a Church, a Garden, climbed a Mountain, went into a lot of Stores and  visited a temple. Saw a lot of things and had a lot of fun. Meeting them was Great! Friday night they returned home to Henan and we were sad.

Saturday We had to travel by ourselves. We went to the beach (now I've been on both sides of the Pacific Ocean! whoop whoop.) We Went on an island, and tried going to the Zoo. But the Zoo was closed... (Looked closed closed to me... the parking lot was overgrown, and there wasn't any animals. The only Creature we saw was a bird.) So we decided to go back to the night Market!

Sunday, we returned to the beach. (we built a sandcastle and used "sticky" to held us build ChumBucket. [spongebob] ) We ate at California Beef Noodle King. Then went to the train station and got back to Beijing on 4/7 10:30pm. Qingdao was Awesome! Very big and Pretty! I'll want to go back. 


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